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Octave Stainless Steel- Ultrasonic Bulk Water Meter

OCTAVE- a new revolutionary, precise and super reliable ultrasonic bulk water meter. With superior hydraulic and batteries that last up to 15 years, the Octave is today’s best choice for bulk meters. The version with stainless steel (SS316) body is especially suited for aggressive water in industrial processes. 


    • Dual beam ultrasonic technology for precise and ultra reliable metering
    • No moving parts
    • Excellent long-term stability and reliability
    • Battery powered -up to 15 years life expectancy
    • Rugged mechanical design – Submersible (IP68)
    • Extremely sensitive and accurate in low flows
    • Bi-directional – including bi-directional outputs (digital and analog)
    • Flexible data formats including flow directions, flow rates and volumes
    • AMR and cellular networks ready with alerts and statistics features
    • Miltiline LCD
    • Programmable Display (units and outputs resolution)
    • EMI / RFI Protection

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Measuring Principle

Imagine two identical swimmers crossing a river on the same diagonal line, one with the flow and the other against the flow. The swimmer moving with the flow needs much less time to reach the opposite bank. Ultrasonic waves behave exactly the same way. The sound wave that flows in the direction of the stream moves faster than the one that flows against the stream. The transit times TAB (Transit time of ultrasonic waves from sensor A to sensor B) and TBA (from sensor B to A) are measured continuously. The time difference (TBA – TAB) is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity (Vm) of the liquid. The flow rate is a result of the velocity multiplied by the cross section area of the flow tube size.