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Sonata- Ultrasonic Residential Water Meter

The Sonata is an advanced and highly accurate ultrasonic water meter and data end-point for residential applications. With no moving parts, the Sonata’s robust design ensures reliable and long lasting precision. Its technology enables the measurement of even the lowest of flow rates, making it the best solution for addressing NRW. The Sonata is a data rich end-point, supporting numerous protocols and is ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s smart water networks.


    • Unique “free passage” (see-through) design- patent pending
    • Ultrasonic technology for precise and ultra reliable metering
    • No moving parts
    • Excellent long-term stability and reliability
    • Battery powered -up to 15 years life expectancy
    • Rugged mechanical design – Submersible (IP68)
    • Extremely sensitive and accurate in low flows, down to 2l/h
    • Wide measurement range- R500
    • Bi-directional measurements
    • Flexible data formats including flow directions, flow rates and volumes
    • AMR and AMI ready with alerts and statistics features
    • Multi-line LCD
    • Programmable Display (units and outputs resolution)
    • Lead free, RoHS

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Groundbreaking Performance

The Sonata has a measurement range of R500. It measures the lowest flow rates (down to 2 l/h) yet will also provide outstanding performance above the maximum flow rate. The Sonata’s ultrasonic technology leverages ARAD’s years of experience with its ultrasonic OCTAVE bulk water meter.

    • Installation in any position
    • No air measuring
    • Indifferent to sand and particles in the flow
    • Bi-directional flow measurement

Exceptional Reliability and Life Span

The Sonata has no moving parts, presents an IP68 register, and its body is fabricated from durable PPS composite. This robust design makes the Sonata maintenance-free and highly precise throughout its exceptional 15-year battery operated life span.

Clear See-Through Design

The unique patent pending see-through flow tube design creates an obstacle-free water passage, minimizing pressure loss over the meter and positioning the Sonata as the lowest head loss meter available.